Teachings promoted (letter)

Teachings promoted (letter)

Pat O'Brien

Last year a number of us in the Sale Diocese embarked on a newsletter called Into the Deep. Our aim is to be loyal to the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, and to promote and uphold its teachings.

Rather than indifference, we believe that the Church needs people with faith and courage to speak out on the great issues of the day, to fight the battle going on in the Church, to put the "Catholic" back into our schools, and to defend and support those who faithfully adhere to and promote those teachings.

Into the Deep provides a forum for local Gippsland issues to be raised through letters and articles, a means to defend those who are unjustly treated because of their orthodox views, while campaigning for the renewal of our Catholic schools.

Email us at stoneswillshout@yahoo.com.au to have your name added to the emailing list. We are realising how many of these groups exist in various dioceses around Australia, and hopefully together we can help to restore love of orthodoxy and renewal in the Church.

Sale (tel 03 5144 2959)

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