Teaching the truth (letter)

Teaching the truth (letter)

Dennis MacDonald

In his book A Generation Betrayed (reviewed in the November AD2000), Eamonn Keane clearly demonstrates the subversive and anti-Catholic nature of Thomas Groome's catechetical method known as shared Christian praxis.

Keane does this by quoting Groome himself's boasting how he used his catechetical method to lead members of a parish altar society to change their position of support for the Church's teaching on the non-ordination of women to the priesthood, to one of opposition to it.

The question that has to be put to those in charge of religious education is: How can anyone, in justice to parents and children, promote Groome as a religious education luminary when the essence of his method is to plant doubt in the minds of students regarding the reliability of the Church in teaching the truth of the Gospel?


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