Teaching the faith

Teaching the faith

Rosanna Sherman

To quote Sr Mary Augustine: "So we can often find serious-minded Catholics today trying to recreate the '50s - reacting to aberrations and deficiencies they see all about them by teaching their children merely formula-type doctrines using simple catechisms from the early half of the 20th century, reverting to prayers and practices of a sentimental type, multiplying pious devotions, applying the Gospel morality with a kind of fundamentalist rigour."

So what is wrong with that? Since doctrine cannot change, that is exactly what we felt we had to do 20 years ago (nothing to do with recreating the '50s ). It was simply to pass on the faith to our children.

Now, in their 20s all four are still practising Catholics, and yes, they all have Rosary beads they know how to use. Less talk and more prayer, more faith less reason, keep it simple, and above all, practise what you preach - it sure worked for us.

New Zealand

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