Taking a stand in the culture war

Taking a stand in the culture war

Robert and Carmel Garrett

The ongoing search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq made me think and then realise that in Australia these weapons have been in the hands of the media since the introduction of television in 1956. Then I started to wonder what it will take to get this generation mad enough to start complaining and objecting to the prolific amount of filth, violence and rubbish being served up night after night on television as entertainment. Many magazines are full of immorality and suitable only for the brainless.

The media over the years has played a major role in the destruction of family values, promoting evil instead of good. If the media, since the introduction of television in 1956, had promoted family values in tune with the Ten Commandments, love of God and love of neighbour, what a different Australia we would have today.

Today television stations continue to promote violence, and violence is what we are getting on our streets and in our cities, murders and muggings, with the worst type of violence occurring in our abortion clinics where 100,000 unborn Australian children are disposed of each year. If the child is wanted, it is called a baby, if not, we call it a fetus. This terrible act cries out to God for vengeance. ls it any wonder it is not safe to walk the streets when an unborn child is not safe in its mother's womb?

In spite of the many warnings by God Himself, of the fire of hell that awaits the wicked, we find the entire civilised world engulfed in a tidal wave of wickedness. Contemporary culture is at war with Jesus Christ.

Taking a stand and facing the consequences requires great courage. What will it take for us to take action? Will we continue to tolerate family life being destroyed? This being an election year we might see where our members of parliament stand on these issues and vote accordingly.

Wodonga, Vic

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