Tabernacle (letter)

Tabernacle (letter)

Rosemary Chandler

While wholeheartedly endorsing the three letters in the December/January AD2000 regarding the placement of the tabernacle, I do wonder whether it would make any difference.

It is becoming more and more difficult to find a silent church - one almost despairs. Whether the tabernacle is out of sight, to the side, or centrally placed, even if the Blessed Sacrament is exposed, people still talk. And it is we older ones who are the greatest offenders.

We are like undisciplined children who must blurt out whatever comes into our heads. We are saddened by the poor faith education our young people are receiving, but are we showing them by our example that we truly believe that Christ, our God, is present in our churches?

I fear many of us one day - perhaps at the eleventh hour - will be saying with Jacob: "Truly God was in this place and I never knew it."

If we but knew the Gift of God.

Palmyra, WA

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