Synod of Bishops

Synod of Bishops

John R. Barich

Fr O'Neill (February AD2000) is correct in surmising that "there was a pro-divorce lobby at the Synod of Bishops" last October.

The Synod also almost totally ignored St John Paul II's teaching on "The Theology of the Body" which the sex-besotted world so desperately needs to enable mankind to escape the scourge of divorce, promiscuity and restore chastity.

None of the experts from the various John Paul II Institutes on Marriage and the Family were asked to contribute despite some of them being leading theologians, e.g., Prof Tracey Rowland who has been appointed to the Church's highest theological commission.

Similarly, the Synod pontificated on the counselling of same-sex attracted people without calling on the expertise of the worldwide Church organisation Courage founded by Father Harvey. Courage has asked that they be invited to the October 2015 Synod.

Let us hope and pray that both these omissions are rectified this year.

Claremont, WA

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