Synod of Bishops

Synod of Bishops

Arnold Jago

As was obvious from the start to anyone really thinking about it, the recent Vatican Synod on the Family was never going to move to approve of same-sex "marriage".

In the Synod's own words, "There is no reason to assimilate or establish analogies, even remote ones, between homosexual unions and God's design for marriage and the family."

The Church still urges that homosexually-active persons shouldn't be treated unfairly but – to be fair to them and to everybody else - their relationships must be recognised as having nothing basically in common with natural marriage.

It is certainly to be hoped that homosexual persons will never give up seeking for the God who loves us all.

And that they may be able, by his help, to lead lives that are pleasing to him and that demonstrate God-inspired love to all around them.

What other reason is there to have a life at all?

Nichols Point, Vic

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