Sydney appointment (letter)

Sydney appointment (letter)

Frank Bellet

Archbishop Pell is to be congratulated on his Sydney appointment. But I knew that come newstime, the TV stations would get out their whips to round up the usual suspects, who would warn anyone who cared or dared to listen, that Dr Pell's appointment would spell doom to the Church in Sydney and beyond. "People would leave in droves," the suspects claimed.

If it had the opposite effect in Melbourne, why would it be so different in Sydney?

The so-called "liberals" forever talk about the lack of vocations in their seminaries, which are like ghost towns. However, in 1996, when Archbishop Pell made some drastic changes at the Corpus Christi seminary in Melbourne, there were 12 seminarians for the Archdiocese. Now, less than five years later, there are 26. The seminary screens candidates carefully (as they should) and I understand about a third of applicants are accepted.

These are anything but doom and gloom figures for the Archbishop.

Petrie, Qld

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