Suitable wedding attire

Suitable wedding attire

Tom and Barbara Phillip

Further to Bishop Yanta's reminder (December/January AD2000) on suitable attire for Mass, we'd like to suggest the introduction of a dress code for Catholic weddings, which we believe used to exist at one time.

Whilst other cultures and religions have standards of acceptable dress which they require to be observed by visitors to their shrines and holy places, this appears to be the case even in St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne, to judge from a recent press photograph.

When people are participants in religious ceremonies, the present trend to skimpy outfits is a sad aberration from the standards of modesty which ought to be synonymous with anyone professing to be Catholic and presenting themselves for the Sacrament of Marriage within the Catholic Church.

Week after week, brides are pictured in gowns which would be more suited at a nightclub. Whether or not the bride is a professing Catholic, some guidelines are obviously needed. If a Catholic ceremony is planned, the bridal party needs to be aware that whatever attire they have in mind must accord with dignified Christian standards.

Hamilton, Vic

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