Suicide prevention

Suicide prevention

Murray Cook

I wish to raise the issue of suicide which seems to be becoming all too common in Australia.

It seems that many are resorting to suicide as a way of "solving" their problems. This issue has been around for many years: even Shakespeare's Hamlet wrestled with it, and was deterred by the fear of the unknown - a fear that could well deter many.

Due to "the spirit of Vatican II", we still seem to have a very liberal understanding of Hell. Many cannot believe that our merciful God would send someone to Hell for eternity, and so they minimise it and are blinded to the risk.

Some bishops and priests say we should not fear God, yet fear of God is constantly mentioned in Scripture as a virtue. One has to wonder why Christ had to endure His massive sufferings if Hell was so trivial.

Are not Christ's promise of salvation, along with the sacraments of His Church, the true remedies for the fear of Hell?

One reason why many Catholics seemingly have no sins to confess could be a false sense of security induced by this faulty theology. Is not missing a bus a good motivator?

Of course, not all suicides are by Catholics, but a less liberal ruling from the pulpit, instead of silence, could stop some from taking this irretrievable step.

Streaky Bay, SA

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