Success in WA (letter)

Success in WA (letter)

Deidre Lyra

Christopher West was "a breath of fresh air" to those West Australians eagerly awaiting the latest news from Rome on matters of human sexuality and expectations of change to suit a post-modem Western society. He certainly did 'rock the boat'!

Christopher is not only young, but a young man who espouses the views and wisdom of our venerable Pontiff John Paul II and the traditions of our Catholic Church.

Judging from the unprecedented numbers of people at several venues, with often standing room only, it certainly was a real eye-opener for many who braved these conditions to hear the truths on contraception, pre-marital and extra-marital sex, abortion, prostitution, homosexuality and lesbianism.

He expressed strong views on a committed marriage relationship in light of the escalating divorce rate in our society.

Hopefully many of our priests, school principals and RE coordinators would have benefited greatly from the talks in equipping themselves to relay these truths to their parishioners and students, as human sexuality has been a taboo subject in our churches and schools for too long. Thank you to the sponsors, The Record newspaper and Catholic Doctors Association of WA.

Good News about Sex and Marriage by Christopher West was certainly a best-seller in the West after his recent visit.

Forrestfield, WA

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