Still at it, Mr Westmore!

Still at it, Mr Westmore!

Anne Lastman

Regarding comments about Mr Westmore's article on apps and my objection to both apps and missals, I pose this question: "Would you go to friend's home for dinner and spend the whole time looking and reading the menu and how it was cooked?"

Or perhaps even would you go to a friend's home and spend your time reading their women's magazine or even a cars magazine while the host stands by?

I suspect not. At least I hope not. That would be rude. And so it is with those who read the missal and have a need to read from app. The Host stands by while they read.

We are meant to be present with our Host and enjoy His company and sing and dine with what He has prepared for us and not be distracted by reading. Just because we have always done it, doesn't mean it has always been right. Does it?

Glen Waverley

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