Stations of the Cross (letter)

Stations of the Cross (letter)

Charles Bignold

On our travels, my wife and I have seen many beautiful churches and cathedrals in all States - some with beautiful altars, complete with statues of angels and saints, and altar rails left in place with just a gap in the middle.

However, this year we saw two churches and a cathedral with the Stations of the Cross altered by excluding Veronica wiping the face of Jesus. On inquiry we were told they were not biblical.

Now I thought that the Protestant Churches were Bible-based and the Catholic Church Apostolic, and that the Church herself passed on the full Christian teaching, the Bible, as well as tradition and the wisdom of the ages. By dropping those stations, four beautiful and deeply moving stories are lost to future generations, because by what other means are children going to hear about them?

In Brisbane's Cathedral, those Stations have been replaced by "biblical" Stations; but hanging over the altar is a carving of Jesus with one hand still nailed to the cross bar and the other reaching up into the sky - definitely not biblical, and totally misleading and confusing to children.

It is tragic that some church officials, in their zeal for correctness and change, are thoughtless towards the sensibilities of the older generation, as well as depriving children of some of the ancient and beautiful stories and traditions that are part of their rightful heritage.

Cobden, Vic

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