Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross

D.T.S. Moorhouse

A sizeable group of parishioners at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Christchurch, New Zealand, were shocked by the recently installed Stations of the Cross, several of which consist of unclothed depictions of Jesus and his mother. Apart from that, the Stations are bland, failing to bring out the pain and anguish of Our Lord's Passion as the former Stations did.

Lew Summers, who is well-known around Christchurch for his nude statues, was given a free hand to sculpt the new Stations in the Cathedral. Many of us would have gladly paid for a professional cleaning of the old ones.

A delegation of ten met with the Bishop and his advisor for a fruitless 70 minute discussion in December 2004, with both declaring they liked the nude depictions.

Some good Catholics who answered the call to donate NZ$3,000 for one station will now feel deceived and betrayed.

Dallington, New Zealand

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