State Aid (letter)

State Aid (letter)

George Caruana JP

Normally I don't reply to responses to my letters. However, Alan A. Hoysted (October AD2000) is wrong. When State Aid was being debated within the ALP Dr Cairns said that if all private schools were closed down there would not be enough public schools to accommodate the extra students and further that many of those attending private schools were children of working class people and were entitled to State Aid.

Catholic schools and all other schools owe the existence of State Aid to Gough Whitlam and his then Education Minister, Kim Beazley Snr, and not to the Democratic Labor Party. Whilst I agree the DLP did play a part in the acceptance of State Aid, it is the 1972-75 Whitlam Government which must be credited for its adoption.

Bondi Junction, NSW

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