St Peter's wife

St Peter's wife

John Young

Babette Francis has had excellent articles in AD2000, including the one on intelligent design in the February issue, and the moving and imaginative piece in November where she viewed events as St Peter's wife may have seen them.

Francis Vrijmoed (Letters, February AD2000) says Simon Peter's wife's farewell to him may not have been as dramatic as Babette Francis describes it, because St Paul, in I Corinthians 9:5, tells us that Peter and the other Apostles were accompanied by their wives.

However, the Greek word used by St Paul can mean either wife or woman.

The Greek text reads literally "Have I not a right to take along a sister, a woman [wife]...". The traditional understanding among Catholic commentators has been that woman is the correct translation, and that the reference (indicated by the word sister) is to Christian women accompanying the apostles. Rather similarly, devout women accompanied Jesus and his apostles, supplying their needs.

The Revised Standard Version, Catholic edition, quoted by Mr Vrijmoed, has in a footnote: "Greek: a woman, a sister."

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