St John Vianney

St John Vianney

Maureen Wright

I particularly liked the informative article on St John Vianney and the priesthood (December/January AD2000). As patron of diocesan priests, he must be turned to by all priests as a source of intercession and inspiration.

The new evangelisation that was so dear to John Paul II can only be successful when we have holy priests. Good priests are not good enough.

Many parishes these days are like sheep without shepherds - as their priests seem unable to care for our souls.

St John Vianney was driven by living for the glory of God, the salvation of his soul and of the souls for whom he was responsible. He burned with love for Jesus and through him Jesus ignited many flames of faith.

Why stop at priests? We should all be "putting on Christ" and radiating His joy and love to others. But how can we do this if we are not taught and how can we be taught if the teachers do not teach the fullness and beauty of our faith?

Lurnea, NSW

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