Sponsorship request from Uganda

Sponsorship request from Uganda

Joise Nasuna

I am an orphanage girl aged 17 years, studying at St Mary College, Kampala, Uganda. Our father died of AIDS and left the six of us - of whom I am the oldest - in the hands of our mother. A few months later, our mother died, leaving us with our grandmother who is 68, jobless and helpless.

I am continuing to study at St Mary College but have no money to pay for school fees which work out at US$540 [about A$700] dollars per year. My younger sisters and brothers are still in primary school. The headmaster of my school, Fr Henry Kalinzi, has described me as "a hard working student in the academics as well as discipline" and recommended sponsorship "by well wishers and the people of God" to assist me with school fees in order that my studies can continue. (Documentation for this is attached).

My college can be contacted at PO Box 31509, Kampala, Uganda, fax: +256-41-236114/349919 or email: stmarycollege2003@yahoo.com

Kampala, Uganda

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