Sponsorship (letter)

Sponsorship (letter)

Barry O'Brien

As secretary of the Confraternity of the Holy Name of Jesus (see November AD2000, p. 11), I recently wrote letters of protest to the Melbourne daily newspapers about their publicity for the homosexual "Midsumma Festival" and play Corpus Christi. I also wrote to the listed sponsors for demeaning their companies by sponsoring these grossly insulting, blasphemous events.

Not surprisingly, my letters were not published and the replies from the sponsorship companies (with the exception of one) explained that their decision to sponsor was based solely on commercial considerations.

The exception was Bob Jane T- Mart. Mr Jane wrote and explained that neither he nor his company sponsored or endorsed "this kind of festival."

He added: "What I believe has occurred is that one of our T-Marts allowed parking in a T-Mart. This was recognised as helping and without our company's approval listed Bob Jane T-Marts as a sponsor. We are not a sponsor and have acted by requesting their removal of our company name from their list."

Dallas, Vic

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