Spiritual Poverty (letter)

Spiritual Poverty (letter)

Joe Garreffa

When I first went to India about 30 years ago, I found the poverty incredible. Walking back to our hotel on a Bombay night at 11pm we had to sidestep sick and sleeping bodies on the footpaths.

Many years later, I made my way to Calcutta to work with Mother Teresa for a short time. I asked the question, "Why are you sending Indian nuns to Australia when the need here is so great?"

The answer came, "Our work is to serve the poorest of the poor. The spiritual poverty of Australia is far greater than the physical poverty of India."

We are typically being told: "To suggest that we import priests from overseas is both unrealistic and unjust. To entice priests from other countries would be to satisfy our needs at the expense of others - a typical First World response to our shortages."

Could anyone possibly accuse Mother Teresa of having "a typical First World response to our shortages?"

Norton Summit, SA

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