South Brisbane parish

South Brisbane parish

Frank Bellet

A recent newspaper article from the pen of Brisbane religious writer, Alison Cotes, critical of the stance taken by both the Vatican and the Archdiocese of Brisbane, in the debate surrounding St Mary's in South Brisbane, was neither constructive nor helpful.

Alison Cotes draws a very long bow when she thinks she can know the mind of Jesus Christ. She writes about Christ eating with 'sinners', as if he were one of the boys. She conveniently neglects to add that he didn't tell them to keep up their behaviour, but rather 'to sin no more'.

The Church can't fix everything, but, where possible, the nominated disadvantaged groups she cites at St Mary's have always been looked after by sections of the Church. Has she ever heard of the St Vincent de Paul Society? I spent 20 years with the organisation, which never sought recognition or publicity for its charitable work.

Also St Mary's is not the property of the incumbents, just as a local car firm is not the property of those employed in sales. Could you imagine staff members telling the boss they'll wear T-shirts and thongs to work and will make up their own rules and policy in selling the boss's cars and that they'll include the logo of another car franchise in the foyer? Another thing, you don't set your own rules at the local golf club.

The Catholic Church has never claimed to be a democratic organisation. It is democratic, in the sense that you can leave at any time, as the Prime Minister did, or if you have the cash for a building and a following of sorts, then you can set up your own Church and do what you like.

Petrie, Qld

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