Society of St Pius X

Society of St Pius X

Fr Kevin Robinson

I write concerning Fr Glen Tattersall's review of the book, More Catholic Than the Pope, by Patrick Madrid and Pete Vere in the August AD2000.

Please give the Society a break!

The Society continues doing now after 25 years, what it was commissioned to do with the blessing of Rome in 1970. It uses exclusively the Traditional Latin Mass and other liturgical books, as well as the unchanged doctrine of the Church.

After the death of His Grace, Archbishop Lefebvre, in 1991, Cardinal Oddi prayed at his tomb and said "Thank you, Monsignor". Cardinal Cassidy wrote from the Vatican (to counter false rumours still being spread) on 3 May 1994 that "... (it) is an internal matter within the Catholic Church. The Society is not another church ... certainly its Mass and sacraments are valid".

Rockdale NSW

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