Smartphone apps on the Mass

Smartphone apps on the Mass

A. Erskine

Thank you for the article on apps for following the Mass on my smartphone. In particular, the explanation of the difference between the readings and antiphons used in the English/Australian Mass and the American Mass, was most helpful.

Although the ICEL translation of the Mass into English is common throughout the English-speaking world, the Mass Readings and Psalms in North America use different translations of the scriptures from other parts of the English-speaking world.

In the United States, they use the New American Bible, while Australia, England and Ireland use the Jerusalem Bible with the Grail translation of the Psalms.

This means that apps created in the United States use different readings and responses to those used in Australia.

Although the differences are not substantial, they certainly affect the extent to which apps can be used in different countries.

Unfortunately, this is not clearly explained before users download the apps, either on the iPhone or Android smartphones.

One point which was not made clear in the article is that the Universalis app, which was recommended, is the only one which gives users the option of using either the American or the Australian translations.

Newtown, NSW

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