Shared guilt

Shared guilt

Errol Duke

Michael Gilchrist, with his recent book Lost! said it all in accurately recording the demise of Catholicism in Australia over the past 30 or 40 years.

Until all archbishops, bishops, priests, religious and lay people collectively accept their share of the blame for accommodating the whims and fancies of a secular culture gone mad, only then can we get on with the task of rebuilding the Kingdom of God here on earth.

This needs a concerted effort to promote the importance of Sunday Mass and the Eucharist as the key legacy left by Jesus for our salvation.

Bishops in particular have to exercise stronger leadership according to the responsibilities entrusted to them and instil unequivocal obedience to the teachings of the Vicar of Christ on earth. The bishops must totally re- prioritise "full-on" Catholic teachings in Catholic schools as their reason for existence.

If this occurs, then the "springtime" of the Faith that John Paul II anticipated may eventually come to pass.

In varying degrees we all share the guilt for what is now upon us. We need to change it all post haste before it is too late.

Elizabeth east, SA

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