Sex abuse apology (letter)

Sex abuse apology (letter)

M.J. Gonzalez

The demands of some that the Pope and Catholic Church apologise for the scandalous misdeeds of a very small percentage of Catholic priests and religious in recent decades are open to question - notwithstanding Benedict XVI's generous, sincere apology during World Youth Day.

First of all, neither the Pope nor the Church per se committed these deeds. Certain individuals did. True enough, they were 'clerical/ religious' members of the Church, not just lay members. For this reason, the 'official' Church might be expected to deplore the grave sins of the offenders and to regret that these people committed them. This is quite different from 'apologising'.

These people acted on their own, completely contrary to the Church's teachings on these matters, and not as Church representatives. So to say that the Church is somehow responsible for their actions is drawing a long bow indeed. Neither the Church nor the Pope can appropriately apologise for their actions.

However, the hitherto lack of firm and appropriate action by bishops has been utterly deplorable as were their lax methods of screening out such misfits from entry into seminaries.

People with unnatural sexual tendencies have no place in the priesthood nor the religious orders. While they are to be treated with compassion and shown how to deal with their problems, they should not have been allowed to become priests, brothers or nuns.

Let's get things into perspective.

Willetton, WA

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