Sermons (letter)

Sermons (letter)

Gordon R. Coomber

Maureen Federico expresses concern about the quality of many of today's sermons (October AD2000). Sermons on all of the topics she mentions as missing - and more - are preached every Sunday at St Joseph's, Black Rock, at our Latin Mass every Sunday at 10.30am.

Life, death, Heaven, Hell and Purgatory are all frequent topics for sermons. The sermon for 1 October, in fact, was on guardian angels - remember them?

Maureen, and anyone else who feels the same, are welcome to hear Mass with us, have a proper confession before Mass, and on the last Sunday of each month enjoy Benediction.

Both priests and congregation travel from many parts of Melbourne to come together. For further information, I can be contacted on +61 (03) 9598 1446.

Hampton, Vic

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