Serious duties (letter)

Serious duties (letter)

Myles M. Kehoe

Some people have told me they have given up reading AD2000, because it is "too depressing", even as it faithfully chronicles the progressive disintegration of the Catholic Church in much of Australia.

Recent issues have included an account of a pagan ceremony for children in one of our cathedrals, and how in another diocese, lay people are to perform funerals, preach and broaden the range of worship opportunities.

The bishops' recent Social Justice Statement could better be called "injustice" - to priests, men and most women, while the performance of Australian Catholic University in the education and training of Catholic teachers for Catholic schools is deplorable. And some of our bishops seem reluctant to implement the recommendations of the Statement of Conclusions, or subsequent papal documents.

Bishops are responsible for ensuring the spiritual welfare of those in their charge. The faithful, in turn, should pray for, support and assist their bishops, while expecting and demanding that their bishops, in communion with the Holy Father, ensure the transmission of the one, true Faith, entire and intact.

Runaway Bay, Qld

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