Scourge of the West

Scourge of the West

Kevin McManus

At an international scientific conference in Perth in 1983 I remember a Middle Eastern delegate asking for ten free souvenirs for his ten children.

This did not have the significance it has today. In 452 AD the hordes of Attila the Hun threatened civilisation with destruction. He was called 'the scourge of God' - a scourge allowed by God to chastise a decadent Europe.

Could there be a more specific scourge of today's immoral West than the massive influx of Muslims?

* To the apostasy of the West, Islam offers a radical theocracy.

* To the West's contraception, it demonstrates massive fertility.

* To its feminism, Islam presents home as seclusion and refuge.

* To the West's alcoholism, it practises total abstinence.

* To the West's liberal tolerance of crime, it offers strict Sharia law.

The late founder of Human Life International, Fr Paul Marx OSB said a generation ago, 'Future generations will wonder why so many Catholic bishops and priests of the West didn't see contraception as a seminal evil, and the chief cause of the Church's swift decline'.

There is a generation of young Catholic adults today who have never heard a sermon against the curse of contraception as the cause of so many social evils. Is it ever condemned in Catholic schools?

The population of Europe is in free fall with the deficit being filled by Islamic fertility. The future doesn't need a prophecy, just a mathematical calculation. In this future, of course, they will ask, 'Why did this happen?'

Ashfield, NSW

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