Science and Christianity (letter)

Science and Christianity (letter)

Scot Chaston

I would like to comment on Carol Phillips' "Science and Christianity" letter (February AD2000). The principles of mutation and of natural selection are well established in molecular biology. Our immune systems operate through mechanisms of natural selection, such as vaccinations. These are some aspects of the Darwinian Theory of Evolution that are here to stay. Evidence, at the molecular level, of mechanisms of natural selection in the maintenance of species stability is overwhelming.

However, these discoveries have made the problem of discovering life's origins even more difficult according to the Nobel Prize winning biologist Jacques Monod in his book Chance and Necessity. His book does not mention a "missing link." The antecedents of the emergence of human life are still a mystery.

Monod says further that "the epigenic building of a [living] structure is not a creation; it is a revelation." Each living structure is a revelation of what is "contained in posse" in the dust of our solar system.

Acts of God happen spontaneously under the right conditions, such as lightning, etc. Human life begins at the cellular seed level. The very first virgin human seeds that propagated successfully would have formed spontaneously within their appropriate physical/biological conditions. Natural selection conserves these conditions.

Consciousness, cells, seeds, life, etc, are just as likely to evolve as are our Sun, Mars and the Earth under our feet. God created all of these imanent possibilities and a multitude more within the dust of our solar system. Though Monod's biases are anti- Christian, his evolution biology does no harm to our beliefs in God's continuing revelation, and in the virgin birth of Jesus.

Page, ACT

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