Science and Christianity (letter)

Science and Christianity (letter)

Mrs Carol V. Phillips

Scot Chaston's comment (March AD2000) on my letter regarding science and Christianity deserves a response.

Interestingly, he actually contradicts his own view, by stating that "natural selection" leads to "the maintenance of species." This is the exact opposite of what the theory of evolution to higher species proposes, and is one piece of evidence that it could not have occurred.

Molecular biology shows that mutations within species serve to keep species static. Mutations are very rarely, if ever, beneficial to an organism, and the affected individual usually dies or is sterile.

My letter, however, was not maintaining that some natural selection does not occur in nature, but that a lower species cannot become a higher.

The idea that God could have created using the evolution process does nothing to prove that the process actually occurs. If evolution to higher species cannot happen, then God did not use it.

Unfortunately, however, the belief that God did in fact create through evolution undermines the Christian belief in Original Sin, which was committed by a particular human being at a certain point in time, requiring the Redemption by God the Son, at another point in time. It means that the first humans had parents who were non-humans, and thus not created as Genesis outlines.

It is important to understand these points in the evolution vs Christianity debate. Once again, I urge readers who are interested in this issue to read Darwin On Trial by Philip E. Johnson.

Burswood, WA

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