Science and Christianity (letter)

Science and Christianity (letter)

Mrs Carol V. Phillips

I was puzzled, as I read the excellent article "Science and Christianity ..." by Stephen Hitchings (November AD2000), as to why no mention was made of the now-defunct theory of evolution.

Many Christians themselves accept evolution (as commonly understood) as a fact (rather than a theory) and have re-interpreted some aspects of Christianity accordingly.

It is now known that evolution from inanimate to living matter, and lower species to higher, is simply impossible and cannot have occurred. There is no convincing evidence to support evolution to higher species, and overwhelming evidence against it.

Evolutionism taught as science has insidiously, and almost totally, undermined belief in God as creator. It has accepted the eons of time required for creation to "evolve" and cast doubt on the Church's teachings about Adam and Eve and Original Sin.

It has helped the development of the atheistic and totally utilitarian attitude towards the unborn child and other human beings.

Stephen Hitchings says that "we cannot afford to concede victory to the opponents of all that we believe." This is so true, but first we need to examine all the evidence in the origins debate.

All who believe in evolution as the process by which life on Earth originated and developed should look closely and objectively at the evidence. A good start for those open to the truth is Darwin On Trial by Phillip E. Johnson, while Newman Graduate Education (7 Kambora Ave, Frenchs Forest 2086) is another good source of eye-opening information.

Burswood, WA

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