School leavers (letter)

School leavers (letter)

Mrs M.A. Ross

Fr Walter is a priest I admire, and whose writings I always read and enjoy. The first part of his current contribution to AD2000 (November) was no exception, except that he did not go far enough when he said that graduates from Catholic schools are drawn into Pentecostal Protestantism or unbelief. (Interestingly, I have seen more movement into unbelief around me than into Pentecostal Protestantism. At least with the latter, they still believe in the Triune God.)

However, my greatest concern is a third group, the numbers of young people with the same levels of Catholic schooling who move into other world religions, e.g., Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Who can forget the image of the Catholic school students enthralled at their guest speaker, the Dalai Lama, shown on TV news during his last visit? I know he is a wonderful man who has borne hardships and struggles, and continues leading in a quiet, gentle way. But shouldn't they be given a reality check? Don't we know someone who has done all that and more; the one who brought his disciples, led by Peter, to Faith and belief in a God Incarnate?

Do we see those same students rapturously soaking up Christianity, especially the full Christian teaching their school names indicate? We hardly even see it in the faces of children of daily Mass-goers, unless they are in a home schooling class. Such is the impact of the defective RE teaching methods described by Fr Walter.

Rockhampton, Qld

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