Don Gaffney

May I thank George Simpson for his balanced view on a problem endemic in the Church today. His last paragraph reminds one irresistibly of Napoleon's threat to Cardinal Consalvi, 'You realise that I can destroy your church'. And the reply, 'I doubt that very much, M'sieur. We priests haven't managed it in 1800 years.'

As regards Cardinal Levada's failure to confirm Catholic doctrine regarding the impossibility of women priests, whether due to his own decision or to deliberate bureaucratic strangulation, there is no Catholic option but to keep fighting to break through.

There is of course a happier possibility, namely that Bishop Morris of Toowoomba will himself openly confess his error after being reminded of the immutability of Catholic doctrine by being called to Rome and by an envoy from Rome, Archbishop Chaput.

That would be eminently the best way to repair the scandal Bishop Morris has given, not only to his flock and his priests, but to Australia in general.

Tarragindi, Qld

(Update: On May 30, 2008, Cardinal Levada has published L'Osservatore Romano a decree with immediate effect that anyone attempting to confer ordination on a woman, or any woman who attempts to receive Holy Orders, automatically incurs latae sententiae excommunication reserved to the Holy See.)

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