Same-sex 'marriage'

Same-sex 'marriage'

Robert Bom

Most people do not care how homosexuals relate or what they do to one another. But legalising homosexual marriage is a public matter as it becomes a concern that spills into vital areas of our communities.

For instance, our governments play a major role in educating our children, both through mandatory curricula and through funding. If homosexual marriage is legalised, then activists can legally enforce explanation of their lifestyle and agenda on to our school system and even kindergartens.

Once parliaments have passed something, it is not likely that they will hold out against public and educational promotion of legalised matter. The chance for people to object has gone.

What is at stake is how people want their children or grandchildren to grow up. The homosexual activist handbook implies, "Aim for the chapels, churches and the registry offices, but our real targets are the schools and kindergartens."

Rockhampton, Qld

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