Jack Blair

What crystal ball told Tony Sheehan (October AD2000) that condoms were 85 percent effective against HIV/AIDS? This is arrant nonsense.

Several years ago, 800 psychiatrists, psychologists and welfare professionals at a health conference on sexuality in the USA were asked by a guest speaker who would trust a condom during sex with an HIV-infected person. Not a single hand went up!

If health professionals don't trust condom safety, how could anyone? Sales talk and safer-sex propaganda are no substitute for empirical evidence.

Viruses are able to penetrate microscopic holes in latex that are too small to allow sperm cells or bacteria through. Dr Hamdy of the USA Drug and Food Administration stated: "The HIV virus is so small it is dwarfed by microscopic bacteria which, if they were the size of basketballs, the HIV virus would be about the size of the head of a pin".

L. Cusack stated in the February 1998 issue of AD2000 that the size of the HIV virus is 0.2 microns while latex void can be as much as 50 microns, i.e., 250 times the size of the HIV virus or, by comparison, a rabbit alongside an elephant.

Trust condoms? Never. They are neither safe nor safer against HIV/ AIDS. But propaganda will still try to convince the naĆ¼ve.

Glenhaven, NSW

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