Safe abortion?

Safe abortion?

Maureen Federico

Both the ABC and the commercial TV stations carried an item of news (9 April) regarding hygiene malpractice at a Croydon (Victoria) late term abortion clinic wherein at least 12 women had been infected with Hepatitis C Virus. According to further news (31 May) this number is now 44, and may well be the subject of a class action to sue the Victorian Medical Practitioners Board over failing to protect them.

Abortion is, and always has been, a dangerous practice whatever the modern spin, be it from a backyard crone, or the taxpayer funded, frontyard "failed medicos without conscience" (who else would do it?) who run this racket.

The health of these women has been seriously imperilled, and they should request Victoria's Brumby Government (and its ageing peers of both genders who cracked open a bottle of champagne on the night that it became legal to take a baby's life up to birth) as to what work practices and overview were in place.

After all the Government is providing a service - that service being an abattoir for human babies, and not a safe environment for the mother either! It is one in the eye for the pro-abortion militant feminists who promised their sisters that it be "safe and legal". They might have got the legal from a morally bankrupt government, but safe - never!

Frankston South, Vic

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