Rosary beads request

Rosary beads request

Jim Smith

Each year I give away thousands of rosary beads to the missions. At the moment I am in desperate need of 5,000 to 10,000 rosary beads.

There is a rosary-making group in New South Wales that will sell them to me for $400 per 1,000, that is $2,000 buys 5,000 rosary beads and $4,000 buys 10,000.

I need help to do this work and I wonder whether any of your readers is in a position to assist with this project.

I don't want people to send me money - the money needs to be sent direct to the rosary makers. I want any potential sponsors to be confident I am not cheating them out of their money.

If you wish to help in any way, please ring me on (07) 3390-1082 and I will explain what to do. My address is 29 Valentine Rd, Birkdale, Qld 4159.

Birkdale, Qld

[Editor: Jim Smith has enclosed letters of appreciation from the recipients of the rosary beads in Third World countries.]

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