Root Cause

Root Cause

Marie Kennedy

While the Australian Catholic Bishops have given clear explanation on the evils of human embryo research, is such teaching really relevant when given in isolation from the root cause of all anti-life practices, which is the "intrinsic evil" of contraception (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2370)?

The first IVF technicians argued successfully that, since society already accepted the destruction of embryos through abortifacients, it was obvious that society did not believe the embryo had any inherent rights or value.

If women use birth control pills, implants, IUDs and injectibles to kill the embryo in the womb why shouldn't scientists be permitted to kill or clone human embryos in the laboratory?

The Church cannot give effec- tive witness to society on "basic human values" (as stated) unless we, ourselves, embrace the fullness of truth on the said matter.

The genetic engineers have used exposure of the contraceptive issue to their advantage while we continue to settle for half-truths. Spiritually, we are in the perilous position of "wiping the outside of the cup while ignoring the corruption within" (Matt 23:25).

Why, also, are the genuine Catholic organisations which uphold the fullness of truth on marriage, so little known? One such example is Human Life International which was founded by the American priest Fr Paul Marx OSB and has long had a branch in Australia supported by loyal Catholics. Yet HLI receives no financial assistance from Church or State.

Goulburn, NSW

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