Rights of children

Rights of children

Arnold Jago

Children should, ideally, grow up securely in constant contact with their biological next-of-kin. In a family.

Only a certain kind of family will do: a family based on the marriage and ongoing fidelity of one man and one woman.

For the state to legalise homosexual coupling – and call it "marriage" – puts all this at risk.

It is no good talking about "equality" as though only the adults involved matter.

It is no good saying that any couple feeling "love" has the right to alter marriage to something based merely on emotion.

Is not marriage a contract involving not only mother, father and children – but also the state, which is obliged to protect children's interests?

Traditional societies always considered the marriage contract to also involve God, making it something notto discard lightly.

Mildura, Vic

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