Right of conscience

Right of conscience

Marian Grima

Dr Mobbs has now twice criticised Anne Lastman's article (July AD2000) claiming it has exaggerations and weaknesses. This claim may or may not have merit. We could argue forever on whether Anne Lastman could have phrased Church teachings in a more suitable, engaging manner or whether she could have used more quotations from Church documents to support her argument. Either way, this is one's own opinion.

But what is not one's opinion are the teachings of the Church. Contraception is objectively, seriously sinful whether one believes it or not.

The Church is not a cafeteria where we can decide for ourselves via conscience what is right and wrong, whether it be abortion or gay marriage.

I get very upset when I see prominent Catholics (especially in politics) using their "conscience" to express anti-Catholic ideas. No wonder the children and young adults in our Catholic schools and universities have no idea what the teachings of the Catholic Church actually are.

Conscience is not something you use to determine the moral law. Rather it is what you use to apply the moral law to particular situations.

Whether Anne Lastman argues convincingly against contraception is one's opinion, but Church teachings are not. If one does not understand a teaching of the Church, the wise approach, say in regard to contraception, would be to consult the authoritative writings of Pope John Paul II (e.g., his Theology of the Body), Christopher West, Fr Percy and Dr Foong.

Let us not divide the one true Church established by Christ, but rather let us learn and then teach the truths presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church so as to be united under the Pope.

Yennora, NSW

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