Revival of faith (letter)

Revival of faith (letter)

Errol P. Duke

The disclosure of "unconventional Baptisms" in the Brisbane Archdiocese may well have some blessings in its outcome.

Archbishop Bathersby showed spiritual strength in addressing the problem so that some of the modernist dissenters wishing to do things their way may realise the damaging aspects of their actions towards the communion and unity of the universal Church.

It is, after all, the Church of Jesus Christ, and as members we have no authority to dismember it according to our own whims and fancies.

Similarly, when all bishops unite strongly to use the Catholic Catechism as the basis for faith formation in schools and parishes, a faith revival may then begin to occur.

How can our Catholic youth be expected to exercise love based on truth when they are not taught the rule book, or even know the Ten Commandments, e.g., keeping holy the Sabbath Day?

Elizabeth East, SA

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