Reverence at Mass (letter)

Reverence at Mass (letter)

Shirley Vaughan

I wish to express my thanks to AD2000 for all the good articles you publish, in particular the one by Matthew Greene on reverence at Mass.

Three years ago, my husband and I were visiting Canberra and went to Mass at St John Vianney Church at Chapman. The wonderful priest, Father Harris, who died early this year, gave a short homily after Mass asking those people "who like to talk after Mass to refrain from doing so until they got right outside the church in the open area, as there are some people who prefer to pray and not be disturbed by noise and chatter".

Father Harris was a very holy priest and I agreed with him fully.

In another parish, I asked a group of women inside the church who were discussing refreshments for morning tea to be silent while others were praying and I was told I was not welcome: "Go somewhere else for Mass."

Thank God for our own parish priest here in Riverwood, Father John Walter.

Riverwood, NSW

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