Reporting abuses is not spying (letter)

Reporting abuses is not spying (letter)

Fr Edward P. Evans

Regarding Archbishop Bathersby's comments on "spying" in churches (February AD2000), it is interesting to note that the Concise Oxford Dictionary defines a spy as a person who goes, especially in disguise, into the enemy's camp or territory to inspect works, watch movements, etc, and report the result.

When Catholics go into their own churches with little notebooks and take notes on a "great deal of unorthodoxy" taking place in the liturgy in some churches of the Archdiocese of Brisbane, they are doing so openly, and not in enemy territory; therefore they are not spies.

It is their right to report abuses to their Archbishop and expect him to rebuke the guilty priests and to ask them to celebrate Mass at least correctly, if not devoutly.

Instead, we find the Archbishop covering up for his priests and rebuking the Courier Mail for the actions of his orthodox Catholics!

In this year of the Eucharist, we priests should celebrate Mass as if it were our first, or our last, or our only Holy Mass.

Ethnic Chaplain-Canberra
Braddon, ACT

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