Renovations (letter)

Renovations (letter)

I wish to respond to Sidney Rofe's article (July AD2000), which addressed the topic of church renovations - one of concern to many Catholics.

For some time, on visits to vatious towns and their Catholic churches, I have been appalled by the devastation carried out under the title of "renovations" and by some of the new architectural designs, many of them based on ideas in the flawed, discredited, Environment and Art in Catholic Worship (EACW) document.

I was particularly concerned recently when I heard that Prism Studios were coming to Nowra, because I knew of their techniques used to gain "consensus" from parishioners. My fears were realised when a weekend workshop was preceded by a series of handouts, each referring to EACW.

During the weekend parishioners were subtly led to "decision-making" concluding with a "We" statement put together by the convenor. No-one was asked whether he/she wanted to be included in the "We" statement, which subsequently was distributed throughout the parish.

Prism Studios bases its recommendations strongly on EACW, which has no official Church authority and contains ideas that run counter to Vatican II's liturgy document and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

I have great respect for the priests of Nowra, but I hope they will explore other avenues before deciding on a suitable design for their new parish church.


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