Religious life

Religious life

Barbara Chigwidden

I was most interested in the well-written article by Tracey Rowland (March AD2000) on the Dominican nuns in Nashville, Tennessee. Whilst I applaud the increase of vocations to this religious community, I was puzzled by the idea that American Dominicans would be invited to set up a religious community in this country and that Australian girls often have to go overseas to pursue their vocation to the Dominican Order.

Has it been forgotten that we have Australian Dominicans living in Ganmain, NSW, who follow the same rule as the Nashville Dominicans? These heroic women, completely trusting in the Providence of God, have founded a community in our tiny town. They set an example to all of prayer, devotion, simplicity of life and total self-giving.

If there are any girls out there who think they have a vocation to Dominican life, why not give our own 'home-grown nuns' a try?

Ganmain, NSW

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