Religious habit

Religious habit

Fr G.H. Duggan SM

Congratulations on the choice of photo for the cover of your February issue which showed a group of four Dominican nuns, three professed and one a novice, belonging to the community in Ganmain, NSW.

The religious habit is, as it were, the uniform of a regiment of the Church Militant in her never-ending war against the world.

The law of the Church is clear, and peremptory. Canon 669 reads: "As a sign of their consecration and as a witness to poverty, religious are to wear the habit of their institute ...". If a female religious is wearing the habit, she is immediately recognisable as someome who is consecrated to God and one who has not had the expense of putting together a wardrobe of gowns and frocks.

Nor, one might add, of hairshirts. For a religious habit, even of light material is not the most comfortable garment to be wearing in Ganmain in the height of summer.

Silverstream, New Zealand

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