Religion inquiry (letter)

Religion inquiry (letter)

Jeff Tan

I read with great interest your editorial on a national inquiry about religious literacy. In fact, the need for such an inquiry should be global!

Any updates about such an endeavor would be of great interest to myself and, I can hope, many other parents of the next generation. In the United States, modern-day Catholic apologists over the Internet, e.g., Mark Shea and Amy Welborn, have been monitoring how some supposedly Catholic educational institutions have not remained faithful to their Catholic mission. Many of them have, as an institution, refused to accept the Papal guidelines for faithful Catholic education (Ex Corde Ecclesiae). Instead, they prefer secular education and dilute Catholic teachings, despite being Catholic institutions.

If there is a lay endeavor to pursue a national inquiry as you have suggested, I would be inclined to follow that story and pitch in if I can.


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