Relearning needed

Relearning needed

Anne Lastman

Referring to Tom King's letter (July AD2000), I admire his enthusiasm for "doing something" for the pro-life arena. However, I think he will be disappointed with the results if an initiative were started to show the TV documentary My Foetus.

There would be some immediate reaction to the viewing, but without any on-going changing of hearts, attitudes and lifestyles, very little would radically change. Abortion on demand would still be on the cards and on the statutes.

The problem is not lack of knowledge: generally people know that a conception between human persons results in a new human being. It is a lack of desire by the pro-abortion and pro-feminist lobbies, the medical and mental health professions, society in general, and above all, media outlets, to accept that abortion is first and foremost a killing.

That it is a killing with violence attached to it, and then that it is a killing which leaves in its wake a deep lifelong complicated type of grief and a trauma which at times is irreversible.

The problem is not finding funds for the documentary which will be viewed and then put aside. What is needed is an overhaul of the moral fabric of society, a relearning of what it means to be male and female and a mother and father.

What it means is a relearning of what being a human being really means. Can it be done? Of course it can, but without bandaids. It needs to be done with the goodwill of other humans and it needs to begin at home, at school, in our churches and in our parliaments.

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