Reflections for Peace, Joy and Serenity, by Melanie and Christopher Duluk

Reflections for Peace, Joy and Serenity, by Melanie and Christopher Duluk

Paul Russell

Music CD of Pipe Organ and Soprano
by Melanie and Christopher Duluk

The title of this CD of pipe organ and Gregorian chant may give rise to the false impression that this effort is merely a collection of less challenging works in the "Pan Pipe and Organ" easy listening mode. Rather, Melanie Duluk's choice of repertoire and her skilful delivery, while most certainly of a reflective and serene character, gives the listener an insight into the complexity, versatility and unrivalled beauty of the pipe organ played well.

Appearing with Melanie on a number of tracks is her brother, Christopher, singing soprano. Christopher gives such favourites as Regina Caeli, Puer Natus and Panis Angelicus a mystical character. Melanie's arrangement of Soul of My Saviour for voice and organ is as refreshingly different as it is beautiful.

The finale to this most pleasant and interesting collection, Cesar Franck's Chorale in A Minor, engages the listener emotionally on a romantic yet powerful journey across the spectrum of the organ's tonal colours.

Recorded live at St Raphael's Church, Parkside, Adelaide, to commemorate the restoration of the J.E. Dodd organ (1917), the CD is dedicated to the memory of Fr Neil Kelly, the Parish Priest who instigated the restoration but who passed away shortly before its completion.

The CD features 21 tracks for a total recording time of 69 minutes and is available by sending cheque or money order for $23.00 (including postage) to PO Box 317, Glenside, SA 5065.

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