Recipe for decline (letter)

Recipe for decline (letter)

K. Logan

The Toowoomba Diocesan Plan (November AD2000) informs us that "The Key Pastoral Directions are the main ways that we, as baptised Christians are called and strive to accomplish our mission" (page 4). There are six of these key directions in total. However, the Social Justice segment fails to address the greatest social injustice in the Western world, including Toowoomba; nor in the "Evangelising Life and Culture" section does it address the greatest cultural attitude in need of correction. In both cases the issue is the same - the great evil of abortion.

One might think that the diocese has nothing to say about the Culture of Death which exists in our midst.

The Culture of Death is not just something "out there" in the secular community; it strives to enter into the Church. Polls tell us that Catholics reflect, almost exactly, the secular community views on contraception, abortion and acceptance of sterile homosexual unions. Political correctness has become the standard. When was the last time you heard a priest explain the teaching of the Church on sexual matters? How can Catholics overcome the propaganda of our secular culture, professionally promoted by the media, when the local churches will not accept their responsibility and are silent concerning Catholic truth on these matters?

It is also unfortunate that so many dissenting authors and their books are recommended resources for the Toowoomba Plan.

I think your summation is accurate: "a recipe for further decline".

Toowoomba, Qld

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